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Syburst is an IT Solution Company, delivering ready business specific solution and software for enterprising organizations. Thanks to the Syburst Value Chain Framework, the packaged solution could be easily mapped and configured to your specific business requirement, which will accomodate any small mid business constraint and needs. It was started from an idea to create a consulting boutique firm that offering strategic business services, not only just consultancy and advisory services, but also system provider.


A Member of Businessoft Corporation


Syburst is a member of Businessoft Corporation that is regionally well-known in Asia Pacific as a business software provider group since 2003.


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One Step Ahead Thinking


This idea of Syburst was originated based on the facts that many small mid business have difficulty in improving its performances and, in most cases; they do not have any capacity to identify, formulate and solve the problems. On the other hand, what are consultant firms offer and IT companies provide could not deliver what those corporate expected, since both of them have different perspective in looking the problem. Yet, they have a 'language' communication issue when they supposedly have to work hand in hand in a project.


As 'enterprising solution provider', we provide strategic consulting and solution at the intersection of business and information technology. With experience built in, our service and solution enables business of all industries to be more enterprising and adapt to the rapid changes of a global marketplace.


Financial Attributes


We consider following attributes are necessary for an effective sustainable business, making sure our continuous devoted efforts accompany your business success story. These attributes indicate our financial health and business sustainability.



Stable Financial Performance

  • Consistent revenue and EBITDA.
  • Strong margins.
  • Predictable capital expenditures.


Conservative Financial Profile

  • Low liability exposure.


Significant Cash Flow Generations

  • Excellent liquidity.
  • Low capital intensity relative to industry peers.
  • Sustainable level with opportunity to rationalize.


Business Strategy


Our strategy explore practical ways to harness the true value of innovation and create an environment where new ideas, products, services, and ways of working are encouraged and supported to create sustainable competitive advantage for the organization in today's fast paced business environment.



Revenue Growth

  • Provide a superior and valued both customer and end-user experience.
  • Increase revenue per customer through up selling.
  • Scale IT and other assets.
  • Drive penetration and footprint.
  • Evolve value proposition for carrier and micro to low business.


Cost Management

  • Expected productivity improvements of 10% per annum.
  • Annual productivity programs generate cost savings.


Stable Capital Investments

  • 20% sustain the business.
  • 30% strategic – growth and transformation.
  • 50% demand growth.



Key Priorities


Our key priorities for improving and supporting the delivery of services.



Defend & Grow Our Enterprise Business

  • Smart marketing to drive software ownership.
  • Innovative sales approach to drive licensing revenue growth.
  • Business process simplification and streamlining to drive cost reductions.


Build An Outstanding Carrier Business

  • Clever apps to drive high growth business portfolio.


Build Service Based Micro to Low Business

  • Reasonably price.
  • Just-in-time availability.


Vision Statement


To be an enterprising software provider boutique that thinks globally and presents locally in Indonesian emerging market.


Mission Statement


To add vitality to the businesses of our customers, leveraging them to be more enterprising and adapt to the endless rapid changes of a global environment.


Value Chain Responsibility


To communicate and engage with business partners that promote actions consistent with our Mission, and followed by continuously monitoring and managing partner performance, verifying that the products or services delivered satisfy contractual specifications to utilize a broad, diverse partner pool to provide goods and services.


Value Chain Commitment


We work to develop and mantain business relationships with partners who share our commitment to conduct business in an honest manner in compliance with applicable laws; respect the rights of workers to a safe working environment; comply with environmental laws and regulations and aim to reduce the environmental impact of their activities; and implement management and monitoring practices to ensure compliance with contracts and applicable laws.


At present, Syburst boasts a young, energetic and qualified team. All of them hold degrees from college diploma to Ph.D. They are people who have following character:


  • Flexible yet customer-oriented.
  • Professional and pursuing excellence.
  • Passionate and creative.
  • Responsible and honest.
  • Acting with integrity.
  • Team working.
  • Enjoy challenges persistent.









We are committed to the personal growth of all our people as we are convinced individuals drive the company towards outstanding achievement. That is the reason why Syburst is dedicated and experienced professional holds Microsoft recognition, namely MCP, MCT, MCSD, MCAD, MCTS for SQL Server, MCTS for MDOP, and and the first MCLC in Asia Pacific.

We have talented IT professional with numerous background, including Technical Consultant, Solution Consultant, Senior Developer, Business and System Analyst, Solution Quality Assurance, DB Architect, and Security and Network Specialist with multiple IT capability and expertise, from database (Access, DB2, Foxpro, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase), development tools (ASP/, Crystal Report/reporting Services, PHP/CGI/Pearl, HTML, DHTML, WML, VRML, Java/J2EE/Java Script/JSP/JDBC, VB/Visual C++) to enterprise application (Biztalk, XML, Infopath, Sharepoint) and technology (Active X, Java Virtual Machine, DDE/OLE/COM/COM+/DCO).

We have passionated business consultant for business tools (CVA, BPR, TBA, Six Sigma, TQM, TPM, TBM, TCM, TTM, JIT, KPI, Scorecard, Dashboard, Kaizen, Kanban, Andon, Deming Wheel, etc.), business framework (Basel I, Basel II, SOX, Sharia Convention, etc.), & business modelling (Correlation, Statistical, Covariance, Probability Distribution, Hypothesis Testing, Liner & Multiple Regression Analysis, Decision Making Under Uncertainty: DT & SA, SPC, Operation Research, etc).

Those people capital make Syburst an IT Provider like NO other.


Our culture is defined through excellent skills, our strong wish to fulfill our customers' needs to the best of our abilities, our proactive services, our enthusiastic team and our winning ways. We honor these principles of life as our winning ways. We believe that adopting and practicing these values in everything we do every time bring us to be a step ahead tomorrow.


Do the Right Thing

  • We keep our promises and we do not let people down.
  • We seek out the facts and trust our judgments.
  • We take decisions even they are difficult.


Show We Care

  • We treat people as individuals.
  • We look and listen for the little things that make a difference.
  • We use our experience to find new ways to deliver great services.


Aim Higher

  • We put our hearts into learning new things.
  • We challenge ourselves and those around us.
  • We always look for ways to improve.


Work Better Together

  • We work hard to develop excellent working relationship.
  • We think about what we do and how it may affects others.
  • We trust and support each others.


Celebrate Difference

  • We welcome different perspectives and listen to everyone's ideas.
  • We are respectful of all cultures and look to learn from others.
  • We play an active role in the communities in which we operate.

Key Facts


We are not just a:

  • Bunch of application developer.
  • Hardware / software reseller.
  • Supplier of product specific oriented.
  • Trend grow company (Mushroom Syndrome).


But we are:

  • Your strategic business partner.
  • All in one business and technology.
  • Integration solution provider.

Strong Roots



  • Headquartered in Jakarta.
  • Focus on local ISV operations including innovative information and IT services.
  • 10+ years operating experience.



  • 5+ business partners.
  • 100+ business customers.
  • Serve customers in 5+ industries.
  • Serve an end user population more than 1K.
  • 35+ key employees.


Construction Operation & Planning









Insurance & Banking






Manufacturing & Construction



Real Estate & Property



Trading & Retail





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