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Striving for Excellence

Reaching new heights.
Syburst is proud to have been recognized by Microsoft as the first and the only partner in Asia Pacific employing MCLC awarded talent. Syburst will continue to strive to offer even more award-winning features. At Syburst, we have the key to getting your dream career. Simply challenges our management for your entire career needs.


I Am Syburst
Syburst is an attitude. Of confidence and trust. You will find it in what we do, in who we are. For people who love a challenge. At Syburst, we work our capital hard. When our people capital head out into the world, they are armed with much more that just a piece of know how. They have real skills, for real life. From encouraging perseverance and self-discovery to building self-confidence, we ask more of our capital so they get more out of it. Your business is expanding fast we accelerate it as you local (side) partner.

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At Syburst, we value all performing talent as our winning ways. We provide various compensation and benefit below that helps all performing talent see how we value these individuals.

  • Competitive starting salary
  • Very attractive career promotion program
  • Job allowance
  • Food benefit
  • Operational allowance
  • Transportation allowance
  • Higher education and training benefit
  • Health and/or life insurance benefit
  • Family benefit
  • Retirement benefit
  • Hari Raya allowance
  • Vehicle ownership benefit
  • Home ownership benefit
  • Corporate employee purchase program
  • Annual bonus
  • Performance reward
  • Lifetime achievement benefit
  • Holiday benefit
  • Leave benefit


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