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About Syburst and Solution Offering


Q. Who is Syburst?

A. Syburst delivers business specific solution and software for enterprising organizations. We are providing strategic consulting and solution at the intersection of business and information technology. With experience built in, Syburst’s solution enables business of all industries to be more enterprising and adapt to the rapid changes of a global marketplace. With our passion and commitment to envision the enterprising business solution, Syburst is changing what business could expect from an enterprise software provider or a consultancy business.

Q. What business consultancy and advisory provided by Syburst?

A. Syburst Consultant and Advisory provides strategic insights and recommendations that address your critical business challenges and capitalize on novel opportunities and idea. Our consulting services could help your business to:

  • Anticipate changes in industry
  • Prioritize strategic and operational alternatives for action
  • Formulate road maps for performance improvement
  • Determine the best metrics to identify success
  • Quantify the expected return on business investment
  • Identify and craft business process to initiate software development


Q. What business area that Syburst consultancy and advisory offers?

A. Our consultancy and advisory service is available for following area:

  • Business Process Consultancy
  • Information System Advisory
  • Financial Management and Corporate Finance
  • System Compliance and Valuation
  • Assessment, including Risk Management
  • Strategic Information System Planning
  • Project Management and Implementation
  • Business Process Improvement (BPI)
  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
  • Business Modeling with Quantitative Approach


Q. What IT solution and service provided by Syburst?

A. Syburst has end-to-end IT solution and service, including IT consultation and service (SISP), application development, IT maintenance and support, and comprehensive package solution. We also deliver comprehensive business solution for enterprise and business solution. Syburst also offers powerful development tools for ISVs, IT departments, and developers.


Q. What competitive advantage that Syburst has compared to other IT solution provider?

A. Syburst employs the right talent, not just the best talent, to deliver the right solution to our valuable customer. We have our engagement standard for talent recruitment, training and development, and project engagement to ensure the service delivered to our valuable customer has value added that could bring a smile to our valuable customer. Our dedicated and experienced talent holds Microsoft recognition, such as MCP, MCT, MCSD, MCAD, MCTS for SQL Server, and MCTS for MDOP. In 2008 Microsoft awarded MCLC, one of the most valuable recognition; making Syburst the first Microsoft-based ISV in Asia Pacific has such prestigious acknowledgement.


Q. How our services might benefit customer business?

A. Typically, we have found that organizations obtain the greatest value by using our services in:

  • Systems Architecture and Planning
    Helping develop the technical and applications architectures, or frameworks, for distributed computing including client-server, workflow applications, internet or intranet publishing, and applications development, together with comprehensive plans for implementation.
  • Proof of Concept
    Helping organizations design, build and/or implement their first distributed systems within this architectural framework to “prove the concept” and to enable their staff to build up expertise and confidence in the new technology.
  • Infrastructure Planning, Design and Implementation
    Helping organizations mitigate risk in the planning, design and implementation of large infrastructure projects in heterogeneous information technology environments.


Q. Compared to other well known software package that has strong track record, what track record does Syburst software have?

A. Strong track record should not be one of your criteria in deciding the right software for your business. Each project engagement has different kind of challenges and the people engages with the project is never be the same. Many large enterprise fail in implementating well known software packaged although has spent a significant amount of money. Track record is never being the critical success factor of a software implementation in any organization.

Syburst Pricing Policy


Q.Why the price of Syburst Products and Services is high?

A. Syburst Products and Services could not be seen expensive or higher than others. Syburst Products and Services are different from others. As our partners and valuable customers, you only able to have Syburst Products and Services at Syburst. The solution Syburst provided can be seen similar to others but Syburst always focuses on value added that others do not offer, or in better way, others not able to give it to you. In addition, Syburst commits to give you a total solution at lower Total Cost Ownership compared to other solution available in the market.


Q. Is Syburst Products and Services worth more than what our partners have to pay?

A. Absolutely. As our partners and valuable customers, you even can feel services from our heart (Smile is Heard). Syburst will assist you to justify that Syburst Products and Services are the right investment for your business instead of just a capital expenditure or expense. Please contact Syburst for the financial impact statement regarding to your investment to Syburst Products and Services. Alternatively, find more regarding Syburst Tenfold Campaign.


Q. But, how come the pricing still costly for Customer?

A. IT geeks like diamond that could not be manufactured. It has to be found and shaped. Technology, in particular information technology, is very complex in nature. In addition, technology changes faster than before resulted in shorter product life cycle. This makes us at Syburst experienceshigh pressures; overload tasks; and continuous jobs (hardly never able to sleep for some consecutive days).On the other hand, business is also complex in nature, In most established business, it is very hard to challenge the status quo due to organization and stakeholders comfort zone. Application is a solution tools. Developing and modifying enterprise application requires people capital with strong logical thinking, both synthetically and analytically. That is the reason why Syburst Cost of Good Sold is higher than other industry.


Q. What quality of IT geeks Syburst have?

A. Please see Our People.


Q. Is it easy to convince Business Owner and or Management regarding Syburst Premium Pricing?

A. No. In fact, it can be very challenging yet frustrating efforts. Business Owner and or Management tend to see no value added in IT/IS, particularly software. They think it is expensive and unworthy expenses. In addition, Business Owner and or Management is experiencing learning curves regarding IT/IS. The situation nowadays is:

  • Very rare good candidates applying and studying IT/IS
  • Very rare IT/IS graduated talent
  • No real IT/IS school/academy/university available
  • Underpaid IT/IS professional in comparison of consultant and other industry
  • No real ISV available in Asia Pacific as existing ISV develops supporting application NOT enterprise application
  • Damaged reputation due to:
    o Existing IT/IS professional has good marketing skill in promoting himself
    o Existing IT/IS professional has only capability to install and setting up (System Integrator/Implementator) but asking premium fee or compensation
    o Unethical IT/IS professional who has praise highly in ‘hit and run’, no responsibility and commitment to finish the product and or project


Q. What learning curves that Business Owner and or Management is experiencing?

A. Following is typical learning curves that most organizations have to experience with.

  • Initially, Business Owner and or Management will not embrace in IT/IS, particularly in software, due to lot of reasons, such as: comfort zone syndrome, job insecurity and embarrassing situation possibly occurs.
  • At certain limit, usually the problem is enough, Syburst Owner and or Management decides to engage in internal software development with limited budget. After some period, Business Owner and or Management will realize that the results are far behind from what they are expected.This is the introduction stage of learning curves.
  • Business Owner and or Management starts looking for ready product available in the market. At this stage, they realize the important of IT/IS but not yet able to value IT/IS. Soon, they are realizing that the package product is not suitable for the business and doing modification to the package product is costly, if the package product can be modified. This phase is known as learning stage.
  • The next phase is turbulence. Business Owner and or Management engages in selective outsourcing to develop the required application. But, the outcome is not always positive. The project seems never ending process, characterized by several over budget and delayed timeframe. In addition, the project consumes lot of valuable internal resources (time, effort, people, and money).At this phase, they are able to value IT/IS.
  • Now, Business Owner and or Management starts looking for ready enterprise product available in the market. However, the outcome can be frustrating due to the complexity of enterprise product and unavailability of Consultant who have experience enough to customize the product. Most Consultants are only able to implement and set the enterprise product. Moreover, the support and maintenance is costly. This phase is known as mature stage of learning curves.
  • The final phase is revival. Business Owner and or Management carefully search the real ISV who has exposure and expertise not only defining the current business needs but also able to see the unseen challenges ahead. The real ISV is required to create the right blueprint, design, build and develop, implement, and maintain the legacy of the system instead of just an application.


Q. What is the main challenge for IT/IS industry?

A. People is the main challenge for the industry. People nowadays have praise highly in instant culture. The character of current generation is totally different from previous generation that still values hard work. By having instant culture, people nowadays are willing to sacrifice others and every human value, like self-respect. The syndrome of HOMO HOMINI LUPUS colors modern society and civilization. However, Syburst believes in man for others. This is the legacy that Syburst will afford at any possible cost. Syburst is not only profit-oriented organization but also benefit-oriented organization.


Q. Is there any other risk reflected in Syburst Products and Services pricing?

A. Yes. Some partners will envy individual at Syburst, especially if the individual is young and local. As our partners and valuable customers, you shall encourage any stakeholder involved to become our role model. Starting from 1 April 2010, Syburst Compliance Team promotes an awareness campaign for both people at Syburst and our partners, like you.


Q. How the campaign is delivered?

A. Syburst requests people at Syburst Solution and Technology Service Group to have following tag every time they make any correspondence internally and externally.
It is true that we are young, bold, passionate, and energetic, yet sometimes can be reckless and careless. But, it does not mean that we are inexperience, childish, or unethical. We are hardly learning to be a better person everyday and hope that someday we can be as wise and trustworthy as you. That is the reason why we are deserved to have chance to be heard.


Q. Why most people work at Syburst are young?

A. Existing IT/IS professional comes from previous era. It is hard to change the mindset of these professionals as they have individual preferences that hardly to be changed. Although, these professionals have experience enough in the project but we cannot guarantee the outcome. It is hard to find good IT/IS professionals who are willing to work under tight schedule. Syburst believes there is a changing landscape in IT/IS industry. Since technology also changes faster than before, the right people to embrace the latest technology are young people. They are bold, passionate and energetic. Since they are also fresh graduates, Syburst able to lead them in the right way, emphasizing in responsibility and consequences comes from their action in order to make them have commitment to finish the product and or project taken. Besides, how we can challenges the status quo if we cannot have out of box thinking. The best way to have out of the box thinking is by having out of the box people. In this case is the young and daring people.


Q. How to guarantee that those young people have capability to execute a project?

A. Syburst promotes ‘Ready to Be Assigned’ as engagement team must have at least of 5,000 hours of quality work. That is why at Syburst, we never look people by his age.

IT Solution


Q. What IT solution and service provided by Syburst?

A. Syburst has end-to-end IT solution and service, including IT consultation and service (SISP), application development, IT maintenance and support, and comprehensive package solution. We also deliver comprehensive business solution for enterprise and business solution. 


Q. What is Syburst enterprise and business solution?

A. Enterprise solution is comprehensive package solution for mid to large enterprise, focusing on horizontal appliaction. Our enterprise solution is available in two version: Syburst Solutions and Microsoft Dynamics. Enterprise Syburst Solutions or simply known as Syburst Solutions offers applications for enterprise resource planning (ERP), including Human Capital Management, supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), manufacturing execution system (MES), and analytics. In addition, we offer business solution focusing on vertical market applications.


Q. What positioning do Syburst Solutions have in regards to others enterprise solutions, such as Oracle, SAP, and Dynamics?

A. Syburst Solutions is comprehensive package solution that has the same positioning like other well known packaged software, such as Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.


Q. Which one is the best? Does Syburst Solutions better than others?

A. The answer can be very subjective as the question is very subjective. Each product has its own advantages and disadvantages. You shall evaluate the product, and the best way doing it is to contact respected producer or product owner. Instead of thinking of having the BEST PRACTISE, you shall focus and prioritize in looking for the RIGHT PRACTISE for you. Syburst is committed to provide the right practice for you by living in your world, experiencing and feeling the same pain, problem, hectic, bore, weary, afraid like you have to fully understand your needs and requirements before delivering the right solution to ensure your successfulness in the future.


Q. Is total cost of ownership of Syburst Solutions cheaper than other enterprise?

A. The total cost ownership of Syburst Solutions is cost saving to your organization, not necessarily cheaper, compared to other enterprise solutions.Other enterprise solutions available in the market nowadays are foreign packaged software and implemented not by principle, but through regional then local reseller, distributor and implementator. Therefore the pricing to customer is relatively high. Our packaged software is relatively the same with other well known packaged software since it has the same positioning.


Q. What other benefit Syburst Solutions does have?

A. The implementation is relatively shorter than other well known packaged software since Syburst is a Enterprising Solution Provider™, not a software implementator. We see the implementation of our solution is part of our after sales service that customer shall have without being liable to high implementation service fee. That is why our implementation cost is much lower compared to other products since customer is only required to pay the actual implementation cost.


Q. How much lower the total cost of ownership for Syburst Solutions compared to others?

A. The investment required to implement Syburst Solutions could be as low as 50% compared to others.


Q. Is there any expansion module for Syburst Solutions?

A. Yes. We do have expansion module that could be well integrated to the standard business software package like Syburst Solutions.


Q. If customer already has and uses business software package from others, is it possible to use expansion module from Syburst?

A. Yes. Our expansion module has robust interfacing tools so it could be well integrated to your existing business software package.


Q. What function covered within Syburst Solutions ERP?

A. Syburst Solutions ERP is comprehensive package solution to manage horizontal business process with function as follows:

  • Financial Reporting & Consolidation (BS, IS, CFS)
  • Accounting (GL, AR, AP, CB)
  • Bank Management
  • Fixed Asset
  • Cost Accounting
  • Purchasing Order
  • Invoicing


Q. Does Syburst have Point-of-Sale (POS)?

A. Yes. Syburst has a modular POS that could be interfaced to other module, such as accounting. Our POS supports different kind of devices, including barcode, RFID, etc.


Q. What function covered within Syburst Solutions HCM?

A. Syburst Solutions ERP is comprehensive package solution to manage human capital within your organization with function as follows:

  • Organizational & Workflow Management
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Career Development
  • People Performance
  • Skills Mapping
  • Expense Management
  • Employee Self Services
  • Employee Benefit Management


Q. Does Syburst have software for Payroll ?


A. Yes. Syburst has comprehensive payroll software that able to process and calculate net and gross up employee benefit.


Q. What function covered within Syburst Solutions CRM?

A. Syburst Solutions CRM is comprehensive package solution to manage customer relationship management that your organization needed, with function as follows:

  • Sales Force & Marketing Automation
  • Lead & Opportunity Management
  • Telemarketing & Telesales
  • Call Center & Help Desk
  • Sales Management
  • Customer Self Services
  • Loyalty Management
  • Document Management


Q. Does Syburst have software for interfacing the PABX with the call center application?

A. Yes. The software is known as PABX data acquisition. The software works for both digital and analog based data.


Q. What function covered within Syburst Solutions SCM?

A. Syburst Solutions SCM is comprehensive package solution to manage supply chain management that your organization needed, with function as follows:

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Intercompany Trade
  • Inventory Management
  • Distribution Planning
  • Procurement Management
  • Vendor Self Service
  • Warehouse Management
  • Transportation Order Management
  • Order Promising


Q. What function covered within Syburst Solutions MRP?

A. Syburst Solutions MRP is comprehensive package solution to manage human capital within your organization with function as follows:

  • Finite and Infinite Capacity and Materials Planning
  • Scheduling & Sequencing
  • Resource Management
  • Shop Floor Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Product Configuration and Batching
  • Quality Management
  • Lean Manufacturing


Q. Does Syburst have any BI tool?

A. Yes. Our tool is known as Syburst Intelligence. We also have solution for other Executive Information System, such as:

  • Key Performance Indicator
  • Balance Scorecard
  • Dashboard
  • Reporting Services
  • Benchmarking
  • Performance Management
  • Total Business Consolidation
  • Decision Support System
  • Business Activity Monitoring


Q. What are core IT infrastructure services?

A. Our core IT infrastructure services is as follows:

  • Manage corporate communication network services
  • Manage group wide or firm wide messaging services
  • Recommend standards for at least one component of IT architecture
  • Establish security, disaster planning, and business recovery service for firm wide installations and applications
  • Provide technology advice and support services


Q. What are additional IT infrastructure services?

A. Our core IT infrastructure services is as follows:

  • Manage, maintain, and support large scale data processing facilities (such as mainframe operations) corporate communication network services
  • Manage group wide or firm wide applications and databases
  • Perform IS project management
  • Provide data management advice and consultancy service
  • Enforce IT architecture and standards
  • Manage business unit specific networks (such as LANs)
  • Identify and test new technologies for business purposes
  • Manage and negotiate with suppliers and outsourcers
  • Develop business unit specific applications (usually on a chargeback or contractual basis)
  • Implement security, disaster planning, and recovery for business units
  • Provide management information electronically (such as EIS)
  • Manage group wide or firm wide data, including standards
  • Manage business unit-specific applications
  • Develop and manage on-line and / or EDI linkages to suppliers and customers
  • Develop a common systems development environment
  • Provide IS planning for business units
  • Provide technology education service (such as training)
  • Develop multimedia operations (such as video conferencing)


Q. Does Syburst have software for small enterprise or manufacturing?

A. Yes. Syburst has a wide range of solution for small enterprise and manufacturing also. The software package is able to be customized as small enterprise or manufacturing usually also has its own distinctive business process. The customization cost depends on how many business processes needed to be made in order to meet customer’s requirements.


Q. How much investment needed for standard software for small business?

A. The cost of software license for small business is as low as USD1,000 per enterprise license.


Q. If customer uses Syburst’s application, is customer still required having its programmer or IT support?

A. Normally customer is not required having its programmer. Having its IT support has some advantages and disadvantages; however we also provide IT support and service.


Q. Does Syburst guarantee that the software will fit 100% to customer’s needs and requirements?

A. Syburst could not guarantee that its software will fit 100% to customer’s needs and requirements as any enterprise or manufacturing has its own distinctive business process.

Product Feature and Technical Specification


Q. What feature and specification does embedded within Syburst software?

A. Our software is well designed to support not only the latest technology specification, but also other business and IT aspects, such as compliance management and technical feature. We invest significantly, focusing on how we might improve our software in those areas as we believe it brings value added to our product. The standards have been defined in what we called as Syburst Product Assurance (SPA), consist of Syburst Compliance Management, Syburst Technology Feature and Syburst Technical Capability.


Q. What is Syburst Compliance Management (SCM)?

A. Syburst Compliance Management refers to functions and features that will benefit highly to your organization. These functions and features include:

  • Standard Navigation & Transaction Control
  • Intuitive, Sophisticated, Easy-to-Use GUI
  • Audit Trails & Access Control
  • Approval & Delegation Functionality
  • Business Process Compliance
  • Agile Data Architecture
  • Flexible Report Creation
  • Automation Functionality
  • Embedded Workflow Capabilities
  • Streamline Business Process


Q. What is Syburst Technology Feature (STF)?

A. Syburst Technology Feature refers to technology platform that the Product built or support and IT architecture adopted. Following are some of BTF that we have.

  • Platform
    Development: .NET 3.5 and Microsoft Dynamics AX
    Server: Windows Server 2003 & 2008
    DBMS / Back End DB: SQL Server 2005 & 2008
    Web Server: IIS 6.0/7.0/8.0
    OS: Windows XP, Windows 7
    Virtualization: Hyper-V (server), Softgrid (application)
  • Modular architecture
  • Compatible with LDAP Directory Services
  • Pure Web Based (Active X or Applet is not required)
  • Integrated to Windows Active Directory
  • Featuring Single On
  • Easy Web Server Deployment
  • Crystal Report and Reporting Services


Q. What is Syburst Technical Capability (STC)?

A. Syburst Technical Capability refers to technical capability and capacity that the Product has, such as:

  • Easy to maintain and no back end administrative task
  • Support GPS, SMS and Email Interfacing
  • Support Mobile Sales Assistant
  • Support SAP or Oracle Interfacing
  • Featuring Analog Sensormatic Interfacing
  • Featuring Digital Sensormatic Interfacing
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Deliver on Availability, Performance & Scalability Requirements


Q. Which Microsoft database is normally used within Syburst’s Product?

A. Our Product usually uses SQL Server. Previously, our Product uses postgreSQL, mySQL and SQL Server. The interfacing to postgreSQL and mySQL is available at additional cost.


Q. What cutting edge features that Syburst Solutions has?

A. Compared to other well known packaged solution that is quite complex and very sophisticated, Syburst Solutions uses common tools like Visual Studio. Thus the implementation, after sales service and maintenance is relatively easy and affordable. However, this does not mean that Syburst Solutions is not a comprehensive business solution. In contrast, Syburst Solutions is a comprehensive business solution with cutting edge features that other solution might not have. Some of cutting edge features that Syburst Solutions has are:

  • SmartField
  • SmartKey
  • SmartReport
  • Unlimited COA definition
  • Multifunction contact
  • Integrated analytical tools
  • Unlimited specification
  • Unlimited filter
  • Flexible listing function
  • Applied SOD (segregation of duty)
  • Unlimited approval level
  • Unmatched delegation process
  • Comprehensive audit trails
  • Easy to enhanced
  • No compilation needed

The most important cutting edge feature that Syburst Solutions has is the ultimate user experience as Syburst Solutions is very easy to be customized with same look and feel across all forms.

How to Get Syburst Solution?


Q. How customer could engage with Syburst IT solution and service?

A.Please contact Syburst directly at [email protected] or find Syburst Channel Partner in your country.


Q. Does customer could request business proposal from Syburst?

A. Yes. Syburst will propose business proposal after the presentation made to customer. However, customer shall contact our Channel Development through your local Syburst Relation Officer.


Q. What is Syburst’s business proposal?

A. The document covers our business proposition, business challenges faced by customer, methodology, deliverable and investment required.


Q. Do all customers could request technical proposal from Syburst?

A. No. Only certain customer that meets all requirements to be considered as Syburst Premium User could request technical proposal.


Q. What is Syburst’s technical proposal?

A. The document covers in-depth all technical area related to business proposition we might able to deliver to customer.


Q. Do all customers could request commercial proposal from Syburst?

A. No. Only certain customer that meets all requirements to be considered as Syburst Premium User could request commercial proposal.


Q. What is Syburst’s commercial proposal?

A. The document covers financial highlight of customer total cost ownership or investment made to Syburst product and service. Customer shall deliver requested information to Syburst.


Q. How customer could protect the confidentiality of data delivered to Syburst?

A. Our standard business procedure required us to create NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) to protect your privacy and confidentiality related all material information delivered to Syburst. No NDA required if we consider the information delivered to Syburst is immaterial.


Q. What is Syburst Channel Partner?

A. Syburst Channel Partner is a business model developed by Syburst, leveraging our partner network in delivering better solution and service to our valuable customer. There are three type of Syburst Channel Partner available, namely Syburst Certified Authorized Distributor (SCAD) and Syburst Certified Implementator (SCI) and Syburst Certified Enhancement (SCE).


Q. How to become Syburst Channel Partner?

A. Please contact [email protected] for further brief as we have a different program and requirement for each business region operation.


Q. What are business region operations currently Syburst has?

A. Syburst has three business region operations, Indonesia Operation Channel (IOC), Singapore Operation Channel (SOC) that covers all South East Asia, and Asia Pacific Operation Channel (APOC) that covers all countries in Asia Pacific that has not been supported by IOC and SOC.


Q. What is Syburst Optimization?

A. Syburst Optimization is a method that both Syburst and Syburst Channel Partner used to deliver solution to potential customer. The first phase of Syburst Optimization is Engagement, normally delivered by Partner Team or Business Relation. During the first phase, Syburst or Syburst Channel Partner will present solution to the potential customer. The second phase of Syburst Optimization is In-Depth Assessment, normally delivered by Account Team. During the second phase, Syburst or Syburst Channel Partner will conduct a comprehensive discussion with potential customer. The third phase of Syburst Optimization is In-Depth Engagement, normally delivered by Solution Team.

Syburst Project Engagement and Syburst Product Engagement


Q. What is Syburst Project Engagement?

A. SPE refers to any project that Syburst engage with customer. It reflects our standard and general engagement practice to ensure that all services delivered able to meet customer’s expectation.


Q. What is Syburst Software Engagement?

A. SSE is a comprehensive IT project, covering the full life cycle of IT solution, including Assessment, Development, Implementation, and Go Live. SSE is only applied for customized software development.


Q. Does modification required to Syburst package solution considered as SSE?

A. Yes. Any modification required to our package solution will be considered as SSE. Customer is required to purchase the license for the package solution and enhancement service that will be charged based on manday.


Q. What is kick-off meeting?

A. Before undertaking any project engagement, our standard requires us to complete work plan identifying task and action necessary to accomplish the project objective and goal. A properly prepared and executed work plan will assist team in establishing realistic target date, monitoring system to coordinate work sub task, managing Syburst and customer resources, and deciding the right management tools and techniques to ensure project successfulness. This vital activity is covered on the kick-off meeting, the initial meeting held on the first day project engagement. Syburst team consists of Syburst PIC, Project Advisor and Project Leader.


Q. What is Syburst PIC?

A. Syburst PIC or Person-In-Charge is responsible to any project engagement or any business relationship between Syburst and customer. Syburst PIC is not a Project Leader.


Q. What is Project Leader?

A. Project Leader is a person or officer who is accountable and responsible to lead and monitor any project conducted. Project Leader must provide leadership to the team.


Q. What is Project Advisor?

A. Project Advisor is a person or officer who is accountable that all project or service engagement taken in compliance with Syburst Quality Assurance (SQA).



Q. What is SSPA?

A. SSPA is Software Sales and Purchase Agreement. It is a contractual document, covering all terms and conditions applied in each Syburst Software Engagement.


Q. What is EUPA?

A. EUPA is End-user Product Agreement. It covers all terms and conditions applied specifically for Syburst package solution or software. Customer could use EUPA as its proof of software usage as long as customer fully complied with all terms and conditions stated within.


Q. When EUPA is delivered to customer?

A. Copy of EUPA is delivered after we have already confirmed that payment for the product has been fully received. The EUPA has also been embedded in the product.


Q. What is Subscription?

A. Subscription or Syburst Subscription is one product support. Syburst encourages any customer who purchase and or use Syburst Products to subscribe Syburst product Support.


Q. What is SLA?

A. SLA is Service Level Agreement. It is normally used for application support. SLA covers all terms and conditions for the subscription period. Customer has to renew its SLA annually to fully take benefit of our product and service.


Q. When SLA is delivered to customer?

A. SLA is delivered after the document has been duly signed by customer and returned to Syburst for legalization.

Order Confirmation and Cancellation


Q. When quotation is delivered?

A. The quotation is delivered after the completion of In-Depth Engagement, the last step of Syburst Optimization. The quotation does normally come with Confirmation Statement.


Q. What is Confirmation Statement?

A. The Confirmation Statement is a contractual document and considered as PO issued by customer. This statement is prepared by Syburst or Syburst Channel Partner. However after signed by authorized officer of customer, the document is considered as order confirmation from customer to Syburst or Syburst Channel Partner.


Q. What assurance customer has in order to make sure that customer engage with Syburst and its Channel Partner?

A. Syburst will issue e-mail notification to customer after the confirmation statement has been received. Customer is not required to make any payment before the receipt of such e-mail notification.


Q. How to make sure the payment is received by Syburst and its Channel Partner?

A. Syburst will issue proforma invoice to customer, which is sent through e-mail. The proforma invoice is request of payment. Syburst will also issue e-mail notification to customer to confirm that payment has been received.


Q. Could customer make cancellation for order that has been placed?

A. Customer could make cancellation before the payment is made to Syburst. This policy is only applicable for solution intended for small businesses. We will also automatically cancel order confirmation that has been received if customer does not fulfill its liability to make payment promptly. All the payment payable to Syburst is not refundable, if customer make cancellation before the software sent to customer.


Q. Could customer make cancellation for maintenance?

A. No. Any maintenance could not be cancelled in any condition.


Q. Could customer make cancellation for SSE?

A. Yes, but this policy is only applicable for solution intended for small business and subject to terms and condition. Customer shall place such request to our business region operation. Before the request is finally processed, customer shall continue its liability. Customer shall compensate Syburst 50% of residual project cost that has not been paid to Syburst, immediately after the issuance of our termination letter.

Total Cost Ownership and Cost Method


Q. What is total cost ownership?

A. Total cost ownership is total investment made by customer to benefit from Syburst product and service. Total cost ownership is the sum of software license and any enhancement during the full life cycle of solution.


Q. What is enhancement?

A. Enhancement refers to any modification or alteration or customization requested by customer. In Syburst Project Engagement, any business process modification requested after Assessment will be charged using applicable man-day rate. Any business process modification requested after Assessment will be considered as (new) Syburst Project Enhancement.


Q. Could all Syburst software be enhanced?

A. Yes. We could enhance all Syburst software package available.


Q. What is quoted amount?

A. Quoted amount is all financial number related to the cost of Syburst product and service. The quoted amount does not include VAT. This is the reason why customer will find that the transactional price stated in the invoice is different from the quoted amount.


Q. What is the cost method adopted by Syburst?

A. Our packaged product or solution is measured based on license basis. We use man-day basis for any service performed or delivered to customer, including, but not limited to, assessment and enhancement. Our support and maintenance is measured on fixed percentage.


Q. What is man-day rate applicable?

A. The man-day rate is available upon request. In each business region operation might have different multiplier man-day rate. Please contact business region operation for man-day rate applicable in your location.


Q. How man-day is allocated?

A. We will allocate man-day available for every Syburst Project Engagement. Syburst reserves the right to allocate any talent based on designated man-day.

Support and Maintenance


Q. Is there any product support available for Syburst packaged software?

A. Yes. Syburst updates its product on regular basis to ensure that our packaged software could meet current business requirement. Under Syburst Subscription.


Q. Does customer really need the source code?

A. No, even customer could not do anything with our source code. Syburst will not deliver any source code for any engagement with any customer. The fact is what actually customer need is not the source code but well defined standard operating procedure of its own business process, practice and operations.


Q. What is maintenance?

A. Maintenance is a service that we delivered to assure your software investment is worth more than what have you spent. The maintenance for software is rendered annually and known as Syburst Subscription


Q. How much is annual maintenance cost?

A. Annual maintenance cost is measured as fixed percentage of total cost ownership.


Q. When the payment for subscription should be made to Syburst?

A. The subscription is paid 100% on the Go Live.


Q. Will subscription increase every time customer renews its maintenance contract?

A. The maintenance cost is measured on fixed percentage but subject to inflation rate adjustment every time customer renews its maintenance contract or annually.


Q. Is there any certificate for maintenance?

A. Yes. Customer could request to your local Syburst PIC to get certificate of maintenance. The certificate is available at USD 50 per each copy.

Q. If customer opts not to engage with Syburst subscription in the first year after the software has been implemented, could customer engage with the maintenance for the future year?

A. Yes. However, customer has to pay all subscription cost for previous maintenance period before customer could engage with upcoming annual maintenance period.

Product License


Q. How many licensing types are available?

A. There are two licensing available as follows:

  • Enterprise license
  • User license


Q. What is Enterprise license?

A. Enterprise license is license type for any enterprise or holding company. The license is entitled to the company. No additional license required for additional user, however additional site license might be required.


Q. Which document could be used by customer as proof of purchase and proof of usage?

A. Customer could use the invoice issued by Syburst or Syburst Channel Partner as proof of purchase. Certificate of Authenticity and Certificate of Completion could be used by customer as purchase of usage.


Q. Does customer require having license from Syburst?

A. The user license is already attached to EUPA. However, customer could request to your local Syburst PIC to get an original software license certificate. The original product license certificate is available at USD 50 per each copy.


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