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Imagine a suite of easy-to-learn and easy-to-use business solutions tailored to your market, designed for your business size, and dedicated to growing your business through happy customers.


Syburst offers a full range of software focused on delivering business insights that matter to both you and your customers. From customer relationship management (CRM) software to enterprise resource planning (ERP), from supply chain management (SCM) to business intelligence and reporting, Syburst has a business solution that’s just right for you.


Our product redefines productivity at a completely different level. It's easy to adopt, available anywhere, team oriented, and more secure.


Strengthening Data Management Along the Value Chain to Promote Business Opportunities!


The value chain framework is a universally accepted framework for understanding the linked activites that take place within our business. We have taken this framework and use is as the basis for demonstrating how performance management data could be improved. We have also broadened it to include enterprise application across the full spectrum of the organizational activity.



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Sophisticated business application dosen't have to be complicated. At Syburst, we believe in keeping it simple and smart. That's one of the reasons why we're the market leader in local enterprise application. Learn what Syburst Solutions can do for your business. For the last 10 years, our solution map below has been helping clients like you figure out where their business is headed or better yet where it could be headed.


After you determine your business objectives, Syburst provides the solution maps to help you. The map outlines the processes in a solution.




Our enterprise solution for small mid business offers applications for enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), manufacturing execution system (MES), and analytics.


Syburst is committed to providing the best business applications software in the market for small mid business. We believe that when you look at all factors, our software will be significantly more attractive then our competitors. To stay competitive, our customers need to examine their businesses and identify ways to innovate and implement solutions that can help improve their processes today and support their own long-term strategies. Syburst Solutions applications deliver the functionality that customers need today to help improve their business processes, whether they are to help streamline the distribution process, improve access to information or better manage the sales force, and it is our goal to continue to support and invest in these solutions.




Supply Chain Management

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We offer business solutions, focusing on vertical market applications. Business solution aim to be the best fit for the specific needs of industries in their quest to grow. Our industry solution is built on Microsoft .Net framework 3.5 and fully integrated with it. Based on more than eight years experience in emerging markets around Indonesia and Singapore, and keeping in mind the particular business requirements faced by companies, our business solution provides what companies require in order to be more competitive in the global market place. Unlike the so called out-of-the-box solutions provided and marketed mostly by western software vendors, our business solution combine the latest technology, business standards, and high-level vertical experience with localization issues. While internal business is based on standards, each and every country has its own particularities and requirements.


We know that each customer is unique and consequently the best fit business solution inevitably has to be different from another customer in the same industry. That is the reason why our solution could meet not only your software requirements, but also addresses the business issues of increasing revenue, reducing costs, and responding to customers effectively.


As you realize the full potential of your business, your business application keeps pace, scalable and utilizing the latest technologies. Our solution characterized by simplicity, ease-of-use, and adaptability. You have the 'Business' and the 'Vision'. Syburst has the 'Services' and 'Industry Solutions' to grow your 'Business' and make your 'Vision' come true!


Following industry solutions are available.


Finance & Banking

  • Fraud Management
  • Finance and Leasing
  • Corporate Banking
  • Syariah


  • Retail Management System
  • Customer Loyalty Management
  • Point of Sale


  • Property Asset Management System
  • Corporate Real Estate Management
  • Construction Operation Planning


  • Dealership Management System


  • Freight Forwarding
  • Transportation Management
  • Warehouse Management

Manufacturing / Automation

  • Manufacturing Resource Planning
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Andon
  • Weighting Monitoring

Mining & Plantation

  • Coal Port Management
  • Plantation Management



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