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Whether you want to improve your skills, projects or resume, Syburst training and certification programs and resources can help you achieve your goals. Our courses also feature hands-on tasks and real-world scenarios in just a matter of days, you will be more productive and embracing new technology standards.


Technology adoption cycles continue to accelerate as companies respond to the needs of their customers and react to competitive threats from across the street and around the globe. Regardless of size, companies face the challenge of improving resource utilization to better serve their customers in a highly competitive, global marketplace. Organizations must continually make difficult choices about how and where to make investments that serve the long-term future of their company.


Employee training remains one of the highest-return investments a company can make.But in choosing education and training providers, it's important to make sure the money you're investing translates into tangible results: increased employee productivity, improved job performance, higher morale, greater retention, and reduced recruiting costs. In the end, education and training must give your business a competitive edge.We understand these needs and have responded by tracking, reporting and improving upon the metrics that matter most to you.


As experts in creating learning programs for adult learners and knowledge workers, Syburst helps customers achieve better business results through training. We continue to expand our offerings and learning methods to meet the growing demands placed on organizations and their employees. We have the technical expertise and practical experience to provide the right training solutions, the right way, at the right time to empower success.


Following areas are subject that we could help improve your business and services.





  • Effective communication
  • Subconscious communication


  • Marketing Strategy

Value Creation

  • Effective selling skill
  • Customer care and customer retention

Service & Care

  • Smile is heard
  • Service with emotional value
  • Customer satisfaction measurement


  • Syariah marketing
  • Syariah financial
  • Syariah leadership


  • Followership
  • Walk the talk leadership
  • Motivational leadership
  • Created leadership

Change Management

  • Business Ethics
  • Good Corporate Governance
  • Change the Success Factor and Mind Set Transformation


  • Corporate finance
  • Business valuation
  • Balance scorecard
  • Financial management for government
  • Cash management
  • Finance for non finance executive


Invest Smart with Syburst Solution Training. Your Syburst Cover Plan Just Got Even Better!


Syburst Solution Training is a dynamic addition to your existing Syburst product or application that makes maximizing Syburst Solution a snap! From basic functions to the most advanced, Syburst Solution Training utilizes friendly instructional learning environment that guide you effectively using and managing Syburst product or application. With access exclusively for Syburst customers, Syburst Solution Training makes it easy for you to learn how to use Syburst product at your convenience. Don't miss this opportunity to optimize your Syburst Solution.


Explore Syburst Solution Training by class available today for your future success!



Syburst Application

  • Basic Application
    You will study the basic principal regarding Syburst product or application, including system administration overview, navigation system, what is header detail, how to use application history, what application features available, analytical tools, and how to export data.
  • Advance Application
    You will revise the relation between module and other modules within Syburst product or application of your choice. The program also gives you system administration details, such as security layer, web config setting, connection string, and administrator functions. You are not recommended to take Syburst Certified Associate upon the completion of this program.
    Prerequisite: Syburst Basic Application



Syburst Reporting

  • Basic Reporting
    You will learn what table type available and how to make listing report, transaction report and joint table within Syburst Product. The Basic Reporting also make you know custom report, smart report, and monitor and teach you how to use Analytical Tools.
    Prerequisite: Syburst Advance Application
  • Advance Reporting
    The program makes you understand smart report in detail and get familiar with pro-report. By taking this program, you will study report creation, temporary reporting, temporary variable and table, cross tab report, reporting management file (Windows system security), and functions within database that could be use to create a report.
    Prerequisite: Syburst Advance Reporting



Syburst Programming

  • Basic Programming
    You will study the logic and algorithm of basic programming in order to understand the basic convention of Syburst Product or Application. You will also learn what form type available and how it works and familiar with event programming, do and do not in programming.
    Prerequisite: Syburst Advance Reporting
  • Advance Programming
    You will revise how important to guard the constraints among business process and relations among tables in Syburst Product or Application. You also find out how to maintain the database integrity, how to create custom reporting, and study tips for optimizing programming.
    Prerequisite: Syburst Basic Programming



Syburst Database

  • Basic Database
    Participant will learn what it necessary for Syburst database administrator, such as how to maintain Syburst database, how to back-up and restore, how to manage database, what is task scheduler and database object, and how to perform shrink work to minimize database.
    Prerequisite: Syburst Advance Application
  • Advance Database
    The program is designed to make contestant able to do the performance tuning.
    Prerequisite: Syburst Basic Database


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